The industry icon of well-tuned comfort and versatile performance now features an external asymmetrical flex pattern thanks to Carbitex CX6 previously only available in Ski Boots; Carbitex is a unique material ultilising a carbon fibre responsiveness in a flexible from for direct control and extreme perfromance.

The 2020 One boot features a redesigned Intuition+ liner built providing an unsurpassed heat moldable fit on Ronix‘ all new Pro S.O.L.E., the most advanced footbed in wakeboarding featuring Gen 2 orthotic contours and a material recipe developed to react faster, boost higher and land softer.

Furthermore, Ronix Brainframe technology creates a binding with zero heel and toe lift, and immediate response thanks to the unique aluminium baseplate design for maximum board control, whilst the footbed rests directly onto the wakeboard for unrivalled feedback. Finishing off the redefined One is the 3D molded toe, using 3 different materials for the pefect fit!

The perfect blend of control and mobility for a ride at the park or a day behind the boat.

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Liner and Lacing:

Carbitex CX6: Harnessing extreme performance in a flexible form, this unique material offers enhanced lateral feedback, increased landing control, zero energy loss and direct edge control

3D Molded Toe: Utilising 3 different materials these toe caps are built around the Ronix last to to create the perfect fit

Intuition+ Liner: For the world’s best fitting boots these heat moldable liners create a fit unique to your anatomy. With the ability to size up or down by heat molding, because no two feet are the same.

FlexForm Heel and Ankle: An automotive grade elastomer designed to withstand extreme tear and tensile strength while providing flex and movement to the rider

Smooth Skin Lining: A completely smooth, non-porous finish that provides all day riding comfort

SuperFabric: This armor-plated fabric is the most abrasion resistant material Ronix has ever tested. Applied on the tongue to prevent the laces from cutting and wear

Ankle Shields

Feetbelts: Pulls your foot back into the pocket. Offers the ultimate heel hold

AutoLock Laces: Slide to lock, pull to release. A streamlined design with innovative components and bullet-proof durability, featuring a soft-touch pull handle for easy release.

Quick Snap Lace Handles: Easily locks the laces to the boots to stop them moving around whilst riding

Footbed and Baseplate:

BrainFrame Technology: A footwear breakthrough in fit, function, and interchangeability, Ronix’s hardware platform delivers instant response due to Mag Lock beams that redefines high-end boot fit. The baseless design offers maximum board feel and the full height skeleton secures the foot from the bottom up! Instant energy transfer reduces rider fatigue and energy loss and limited distortion in the boot eliminates much of the stitching and lamination problems of older boots.

Pro S.O.L.E.: A brand new footbed construction that reacts faster, boosts higher and lands softer

Gen 2 „Insole“: The footbed top surface is a new orthotic design with contours that follow the natural shape of the foot for improved comfort, reduced cramping and accelerated performance


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